Scenic and Lighting Design


When we first started talking about the production of Tartuffe, we discussed how the world could be heightened with the use of futuristic imagery coming from the world of the Hunger Games, specifically in the capital city. We envisioned a world that had some of the influences of the traditional Baroque architecture and design of the Louis XIV period, but was at the same time ultra modern and crisp. The baroque world of Louis XIV had strong use of line, gold trim and thick crown molding, tall doors and glass windows as seen in this image.Y8hw6zaUpStk0rWoiOtPBA_m

One of the biggest things that stands out from this period is the over the top design of riches and elegance, where the aristocrats would show off their worth through their home. This is what makes Orgon a perfect target for Tartuffe.

In order to modernize this world, we pulled from research inspired from the design of the Hunger Games, a post modern world very similar in design, but with a simpler use of line, the use of purples and blues instead of all marble and gold, avant-garde furniture with bright colors and metals, an over the top chandelier and a transformed floor modernizing the traditional parquet floor.


This marriage of modern boldness with historical influence was finished off with the use of futuristic modern LED lighting along the crown molding and inside the cove above the dome hovering over the set. The use of LED lighting allowed us the chance to put a little whimsy and character into the unit set of the show. We are able to match the energy and excitement of the music and action by changing the mood with the accent lighting. We pushed the avant-garde quality even more by using forced perspective, a nod to both the futuristic quality and the traditional stage aesthetic of the period.


~Kevin Gawley, Designer

Photo by Callie Haven

Photo by Callie Haven




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